Introducing Kai Berserk: Siege Summit (competitive 1v1)

Introducing Kai Berserk: Siege Summit (competitive 1v1)

Introduction to Siege Summit:

The long awaited arrival of a competitive 1v1 format for Kai is finally coming!

This new game mode will be the premiere way to play Kai Berserk in a 1v1 format, and it will be the new standard format for all Kai Berserk official tournaments. 

On Ancient Mars, The Siege Summit is a routine event in which two teams of Martians fight each other in close quarters combat, with the goal of making every member of the other team submit. Summits often end with a final 1 on 1 with no weapons. Every member of the winning team gets promoted to Overseer.

Key Updates


In 1v1 you will no longer use “The World” as your location set. Instead you will substitute it for the new Siege Summit locations. The Siege Summit is a pack of 3 location cards. These cards are “Moon Ellickers shelf”, “Valley Mesa”, and “Wastebrag”.

These 3 new locations feature an even split of the Passlands, Canyons, and Coastal sub locations. As well as unique battle effects that are more finely tuned for a 1v1 scenario.

Gameplay Mechanics: 

There are a few primary gameplay changes for 1v1 

Start of the Game Draws:

In 1v1 players will flip a coin or RPS to see who goes first. best two of three. The player that goes first draws two cards from the main deck. Player two then also draws two cards from the main deck. Player one and then player two both repeat this once more. Finally, both players draw their last two cards from their bag. For a total of a six card starting hand.

Official Mulligan:

At this time both players can decide if they would like to Mulligan. In Kai the official Mulligan is "Keep one card, discard all others, and redraw with one less". So you would keep 1 of your 6 cards, discard the other 5 and draw 4 new cards. Ending with a total of 5 cards. Once one or both players are finished with the mulligan stage the discarded cards(if any) are reshuffled into the Main Deck. 

Location Mechanics:

For Siege Summit, the locations do NOT change on a turn based system like they do in standard format. Instead, locations can only be changed by card effect. This will make running a few location changing or locking cards in your bag a viable strategy. Additionally tournament provided or listed Main decks will include a strong ratio of location changing cards.


Obtaining a Siege Summit Location Pack:
The Official Silicon Spirits starter decks will have the new set added into them for playability. Additionally, the upcoming tournament kits that will be provided to partner LGS will also come with full playsets for all players, players participating in tournaments will get take home the siege summit set as well as any prize cards they may have won.

as we await the kickstarter, the TTS mod will be updated to include Siege Summit and we will be exploring a limited unique version of this set as an upcoming promo drop. If you'd like to use them in the meantime we will be adding a print to play section on the website shortly.

Restricted Cards:

The wonderful thing about the Kai Berserk Sandbox is we will very rarely have to restrict or ban cards based on power creep or gamebreaking effects.

For Siege Summit(1v1) Event cards are not allowed, as these are all designed for use in a multiplayer environment.

Juryrig, Dud load, and Pitfall are also restricted for 1v1.

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