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Kai Berserk

Kai Berserk Exodus Rapture Starter Deck

Kai Berserk Exodus Rapture Starter Deck

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 The Mesonon, the primordial event, was home to all life.

A place of immeasurable power and convoluted vastness.

Legends, later, would come to tell of the day a group of peoples known as the Kugai began their exodus from this place and the rapture that would follow.

Set out on a grand adventure across ‘The World’ of Ancient Mars, and battle it out with up to 4 of your friends or foes alike as you enjoy the beauty, horrors, and history of the Ancient Martian story.

 The 1st 100 starter decks sold will all come with an exclusive holographic promo! O'leer, the Martian Mafioso!


  • 84 Total Cards
  • Over 40 visually & mechanically unique cards 
  • 100% hand drawn Full size artwork
  • Out of the box support for up to 4 players 
  • One of the most customizable TCG experiences ever crafted!

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